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Discuss Tournament Plans 

Set up a conference with our consultants. We’d be glad to discuss the big and small details of the corporate or nonprofit event you’re planning to host.

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Hit Your Revenue Targets 

Golf tournaments are specialized turn-key ventures that can be quite challenging to organize. Fortunately, with the industry experts from Vantage Events Group - VEG on your side, you can never go wrong. Host big golfing events and hit your revenue targets.

Confer with our team of consultants in Sacramento, California. We’d be delighted to take charge of all the aspects of the golf tournament or fund-raising event you’ll soon be hosting, including:

  • Event Marketing
  • Facilities and Venues
  • Getting Sponsors
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Raffles and Auctions
  • Revenue Targets
  • Securing Golfers

Golf Tournament Planning

If you’re interested in organizing your first successful golf tournament? Or, have you been organizing one for years, without much success? Luckily, you’re in the right place. VEG has over 10 years of golf tournament planning experience.

Whether you need help finding sponsors, golfers, or you simply need event days assistance or tournament prizes and gifts. VEG can help!

There are nearly 1 million golf outings in the US each year, 90% of which are for the purpose of fundraising. With this competition, you need to ensure that you plan every aspect of your golf tournament from A-Z.

Step 1: Creating Your Plan

Golf tournaments require hard work, planning and require months of planning, concentration, and preparation. However, you can make the job easier by following “tried and true” techniques for a fun, successful and profitable event.

      • Plan your Committees
      • List Golf Courses
      • Build your Time Line
      • Create a Budget
      • Promote your Event
      • Find your Golfers, Sponsors and Prizes

Step 2: Creating Your Event Timeline

A timeline helps to keep your event on track.

  • Monthly meetings
  • Initial Sponsorship Reach Outs
  • Creation of Sponsorship Packages
  • Choosing Golf Course and Date
  • Completion of business plan
  • Sponsorship "goal" dates
  • Budget creation
  • Logo Creation
  • Golfer reach out
  • Gift and prize quote retrieval
  • Brochure creation
  • More things to do, the list continues….

Step 3: Building Your Committee

Your committee is what makes your tournament go and ensures success. The people in this committee will help handle planning, managing key aspects of your tournament, and basically determine your success or failure. In other words, if you want your golf tournament to be a great success, you need to have the good solid committee members. The key is picking and choosing committee volunteers that are reliable, dependable and add value to your golf tournament.

Step 4: Budget

Sadly, many golf tournaments end up as a financial disaster, maybe big fun but, nothing to show for all the hard work! Mainly because organizers do not manage the budget correctly, make realistic goals.

Step 5: Choosing Your Format

These questions are important, as they’ll help decide what your format will be (in addition to the caliber of the golfers you invite

Step 6: Choosing Your Golf Course

Selecting the right, most wonderful golf course is very important, a beautiful place with rolling fairways, smooth as silk greens, and prime location. THIS is what your golfers will be coming for – make no mistake – thus, choosing one is among the most crucial decisions you can make when planning your golf course. 

Step 7: Event Promotion

Once you have the tournament itself planned out, it’s important to start event promotion. This can take a variety of paths; but, for our purposes, we will talk about one of the most successful marketing strategies you can utilize: internet marketing.

Step 8: What Do Your Golfers Want?

Determine what your golfers, for your particular event “really” want. That’s the key to attracting golfers; are they casual weekend golfers, or hard core low handicappers? You’ll need to know to give the players what they want and will enjoy.

Step 9: Sponsors

Without sponsors, basically there is no golf tournament.Sponsors are the lifeblood of “any” golf tournament. It’s very important that you start selling sponsors as soon as you possibly can. This is the main way you’ll be making money from your tournament, which means it should be the #1 priority of your committee members. But how can you get sponsors for your brand new tournament? And how can you convince people to give you money, just because you’re hosting a tournament? Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think!

Step 10: Signs and Banners

When people arrive at your tournament, you want them to know they’re at the tournament. No understated subtlety here, no "uh oh, I think I might have taken the wrong turn"; you want the golf course to scream that they’ve arrived! If you hope this is the case – and we here at guarantee that you do – then you need to forego the wire frames of small charities, and go big! Here’s what you need:

Plus…. Contests and Games, Gifts and Prizes, Video and Photo Opportunities and More.

Contact VEG at for help today!

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